The importance of art in a society

The importance of art in a society

Art is very important if it brings people joy. The problem is that not every piece of art is real art. Not every piece of art is important. Therefore, the more real art we are lucky to have, the more important art becomes in a society.

However, to many people anything displayed in museums is of absolutely no importance. It happens, as I see it, because of the difference in the levels of our comfort in life. But as soon as we get used to a comfortable life, that is to say we’ve got our tummy and house full, yet our mind is getting bored, then the next level of gaining happiness is to make friends with art.

Art is something skilful that evokes emotions in one’s heart. You can understand you are on this step of the “happiness ladder” if you find yourself getting pleasure in such things as a song, a dance, a painting, a book/film that made you cry/laugh, even a beautifully laid table.

I also believe that true art is positive. The Russian artist Pavel Ryzhenko once said: “A work of an artist must be another hole in this stinking canvas strained over us, a hole that lets people see a true sky. Art is not just creating another dirty blot to show everybody what monstrosities we are. We know that we are ugly as it is. How to reform?! Works of an artist must be not only a hope but also a hint of how to cure oneself”.

So if we’re lucky to meet real art and if we’re ready for change, art can become a compass of our new life.