My favourite travel experience

My favourite travel experience

It was a beautiful hot day. We were riding on a bus somewhere in the Turkish mountains. The nature around us was stunning. Me, my husband Pasha and my brother Seryoja were about to have an incredible experience of rafting in magnificent, crystal clear, turquoise waters of the local rivers.

We had never gone rafting before. So, as I knew nothing about it, I could feel safe only in a big boat (raft), together with other tourists and an experienced instructor. Pasha and Seryoja knew nothing of rafting either, they… didn’t feel any fear. And chose a small boat for two (kayak). It’s funny how differently our minds worked, isn’t it?

Very soon we came to our first rapids. The raft moved faster and faster. I was excited and a little frightened. The instructor shouted something but the river was louder. Just then a big wave covered us. I gasped, absolutely terrified, but in a second we carried on rowing. A minute later the boat was floating in calm waters and we were having fun watching the other boats taking their rafting exam.

We had several more rapids, the most difficult one got Pasha and Seryoja’s boat turned over. Later they told me about this with laughter and excitement.

There was a break on the bank of the river to have some rest, games and jumps. People jumped off a cliff into the river, and the camera man took pictures. He filmed our whole trip and every boat so that everybody could have a movie to remember that day. In the end we had a delicious lunch in an open-air café.

We all felt very happy at the end of the day. Believe us, rafting alone makes it worth travelling to Turkey!